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SONY DigitalVTR-Camera「DCR-TRV33K」It Prisesented.

Houseien Abe kensetsu In The Dream Japan-business RealPlayer
KUBOTA Aguri A Kei is a sea-gull BLOSSOM gerden Aoba kennsetsu
The whole country sign language interpretation problem research meeting.
The whole country sign language interpretation problem research meeting.
ALT of the international amity interchange meeting
The gathering of the JARL Miyagi Prefecture branch convention ・ ham.

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The successful candidate of lucky "44444" of the 1nd is Mr. Mangoku. (4/27).  
The successful candidate of lucky "55555" of the 2nd is Ms. Watanabe . (10/15).
The successful candidate of lucky"66666" of the 3rd was Mr. Watabe . (3/13).  
Is the next lucky "77777" after a. half year? .., you, is a chance.           

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key A spare ・ is suitable, as for the key, to the sea gull crime prevention center 5/27
brown It is pickled in the light meal ・ coffee shop "the season greens palace" area, thing studio 5/21
Disaster In Sendai south district, in the ice farmhouse vegetables of the large grain, damage 5/9
Roast Coffee, from the world, fulegores 5/1
F M The program which is live 【 FMIwanuma "community FM broadcasting" 】
Barber Barber ・ beautician introduction and examination contents reason barber 3/13
Car fine- project "car stereo system" specialty store. 3/12
Criticism A night music studio "dream" concert 3/9
Season The delicious "shellfish" of the season is surrounded, gathering 2/27
Area Watari-cho Arahama area rope-type favor convention (work person platform) 2/13
Area A synthetic construction industry "incorporated company Abe construction company 1/10
Area Solar optical generating electricity" of the incorporated company Hatayama electricity 1/1
Fish The front of watari-cho Arahama big catch festival" fish market 11/21
Area Abukuma River source way ・ Saigo Murakawa valley small "port Beaerzu" 11/11
country It dreams of the time when the earth smiles with the international interchange. (watari) 10/23
Sport The 11th girl whole country high school long-distance relay race. 10/16
Coffee The Coffee light meal ・ coffee shop guidance of Sendai south area 8/12
Ham JARL (amateur radio league) Miyagi Prefecture branch convention 8/9
festival Summer festival event ・ fireworks show holding (Miyagi Prefecture) 8/5
Trash Sendai south area which the "cigarette" trash which throws an empty can away is not in 7/10
Culture The town which the industry ・ culture of Yamamoto-cho and nature match 6/18
Nature Nature enjoys sea bridge reinbou of the sea of the bird. 5/30
Bureau The country information bulletin board was opened  4/1
Area To Watari-cho commercial world (Oideyo-Watari), opening 3/25
Convention The whole country sign language interpretation problem research meeting 3/3
Folk song The ninth folk song national conference central community center 2/14
board The bulletin board of the country was opened  2/10
School The location of the small learning ・ junior high school ・ high school inside the prefecture 1/18
Environment The 11th oukuma area research meeting 1/17
School Watari-cho Arahama-school lecture meeting "toward the dream" 1/15
Fish The "fishing boat" of Miyagi Prefecture inside and an ear toward the information 1/11
Fm FMIwanuma (FM779) live broadcast 1/10
Electronics SONY "peaceful living electric incorporated company" homepage 12/5

It is partly here during "It is constructing it!" and the production, too. June 10, 2000. Renewal.

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